My oldest son, Connor, is 2 and a half and in that stage of language development when you can practically see the connections happening in his brain.  I’ve tried hard to write down all the funny things he says but somedays it’s hard to keep up!  About a week ago, I realized he had designed… Continue reading →

submitted by Lauren Neal So, this tip is for those parents whose small children have been recently “upgraded” to a big-boy/big-girl bed, but they’re having a little trouble actually staying in the bed….you know what I’m talkin’ about! This idea, actually came from my lovely friend, Rebecca Wheeler, years ago. The jist is that you… Continue reading →

by Julie Guest Moms! Summer is well underway and you might be looking for a few new things to do with your kids this week. Here a few of my favorite new parks and a couple of the old stand-bys. I’d love to hear about your favorite parks too…and I promise not to take your… Continue reading →