A friend sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal – “God at the Grammys: The Chosen Ones.” The stars are giving props to God for their success. A couple of thoughts in response: 1. Theology. It’s interesting how non-descript our “God” language is. What God are these stars referring to? Our culture’s use… Continue reading →

Here are my top 10 favorite quotes about following Jesus and the Christian life: “Christian character cannot be formed without a kind of thinking that strains the soul.” (Richard Lints, The Fabric of Theology) “Your theology, your thoughts about God, are your most important thoughts because they will determine everything else in your life.” (Dr.… Continue reading →

Here’s the audio for “What’s the Rub Between the Bible & Science” (January 17, 2010) This Sunday, we ventured into our second question of eight with “What’s the rub between the Bible and science?”  This is a hot topic “outside” and “inside” the Church.  This post will give further resources and address further issues that… Continue reading →

Here’s the audio for “How Can I Trust the Bible?” (January 10, 2010) On Sunday, January 10, we launched our “You Asked For It” series with the first of eight questions: How can I trust the Bible?  The purpose of this post is to give you resources for further study and conversation as you explore… Continue reading →

as I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and Charlie Brown and Linus go search for the “perfect tree” for their homespun Christmas play, I couldn’t help but think about Jesus and Isaiah 53.  the lights, the glitz, the pizazz is all pointing to those shiny, colorful, aluminum trees, and there in the midst of it… Continue reading →

as a pastor, i’m usually the one “pouring out” myself to other people whether it’s preaching, praying, counseling, leading, etc.  and in the process of that “pouring out,” Jesus is so gracious and kind to pour Himself back into me… whether it’s through His Word, solitude and prayer with Him, or the love and grace… Continue reading →

here are some great web resources that I use to study the Word… and best of all… they’re free! 1) http://www.bible.org – a website with articles on biblical passages, topics, illustrations, etc. predominately written by professors and graduates of dallas theological seminary (www.dts.edu). 2) http://www.soniclight.com/constable/notes.htm – dr. tom constable was one of my seminary professors,… Continue reading →