The following is the manuscript from a message titled “Wisdom & Wine” (preached August 28, 2011 at Northshore Baptist Church) This summer throughout our Proverbia series, we’ve been talking about relevant, practical topics for our lives and our relationships. We’ve talked about things like pride and humility, marriage and parenting, friendships, work ethics, and money.… Continue reading →

We have a lot of “spiritual urban legends” and misnomers in the Christian life. There are things we believe about the character of God, the Bible, and the spiritual life that are neither biblically grounded nor theologically sound. And sometimes, our hang-ups, hurts, and seasons of being stuck are intensified by these spiritual urban legends.… Continue reading →

Here’s the audio from the message. I had a unique experience on Thursday. I read a Seattle Post-Intelligencer article on-line about Pastor Mark Driscoll’s review of the movie Avatar.  What shocked me was not Pastor Mark’s take on the movie… but the comments that followed.  The story was posted at 4:57 pm on Wednesday, and… Continue reading →

Here’s the audio for the message This is the question that I have been the most “anxious” about in this whole YouAskedForIt series.  This question frequently intersects our lives and has the potential of being divisive within Northshore and within the larger evangelical movement.  Here’s the question: What’s the Church’s role in politics? A lot… Continue reading →