I’m sitting in a coffee shop reflecting on the summer (it’s the first day of school). It’s been one of the best summers of my life. I took three weeks off in July and had an absolute blast with my family. That’s always good and restorative. But something deeper went on as well. I spent… Continue reading →

The following is the manuscript from a message titled “Wisdom & Wine” (preached August 28, 2011 at Northshore Baptist Church) This summer throughout our Proverbia series, we’ve been talking about relevant, practical topics for our lives and our relationships. We’ve talked about things like pride and humility, marriage and parenting, friendships, work ethics, and money.… Continue reading →

A crucial facet of living in Proverbia is the realization that “Money Matters.” It matters how you view it. It matters how it serves you or how you end up serving it. It matters how you use it or how it ends up using you. In his excellent book Counterfeit Gods, Tim Keller writes According… Continue reading →

This past Sunday as we continued in our Proverbia series, I talked about “The Home Front” (you can listen to the audio here). We looked at the Proverbs’ wisdom for marriage and parenting. As a practical application for parents, I shared the “Roles of Parenting.” As our children grow toward adulthood, our roles as parents… Continue reading →