Here’s the sermon audio Simply turn on the TV, go to or open up any newspaper or magazine, and we quickly see that things are not the way they are supposed to be.  Whether it’s images of the earthquake in Haiti, crime reports of yet another murder on our city streets, greed run amuck… Continue reading →

Here’s the audio for the message This is the question that I have been the most “anxious” about in this whole YouAskedForIt series.  This question frequently intersects our lives and has the potential of being divisive within Northshore and within the larger evangelical movement.  Here’s the question: What’s the Church’s role in politics? A lot… Continue reading →

Here’s the audio for “What Happens in the End?” Eternity has been on my heart and mind this week.  My grandmother passed away on Sunday, January 31.  She would have been 90 years old this April.  On Wednesday, I boarded a plane for Colorado Springs and officiated her memorial service Thursday morning.   When you’re spending… Continue reading →

Here’s the audio of the message This past Sunday, we attempted to “tackle” (or were tackled by… depends upon your perspective) one of the most challenging theological issues in the Christian faith… do I choose God or does God choose me?  Church theologians and philosophers, as well as pastors and parishioners, have been attempting to… Continue reading →